Casa Chocolat Imón


The Imón Salt Flats

In the 10th-13th centuries, salt was a positive factor in development, as it was used to preserve foodstuffs, especially fish and pigs. For a long time the Salinas de Imón were one of the largest producing salt mines in Spain. 

Currently the salt mines consist of a set of warehouses, pools and ponds located on both sides of the road from Sigüenza to Atienza. Its strong operation is from the month of May to October, the visit is free, from our house just 6 minutes walk you can enjoy these important salt mines.


The town of Sigüenza is about 130 kilometers from Madrid and only 15 minutes drive from Casa Chocolat, its beautiful streets and facades preserve the image of the old Spanish cities. Its interesting gastronomic, cultural and natural proposal makes it an incredible destination to escape a few days of monotony, among the essential visits we can recommend you to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Sigüenza, the Plaza Mayor, Sigüenza Castle, the neighborhood of San Roque and the Diocesan Museum.


The town of Atienza is located on a rocky hill in the Serranía de Guadalajara, was declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1962. It is a small but charming town, it has great architectural riches worth knowing, such as the rocky Castle of Atienza, described in the Cantar del Mio Cid as a “very strong rock”, its medieval style and its position on top of the hill, make it one of the most charming watchtowers of Castilla La Mancha. Very close to the Castle you can enjoy the Romanesque style of the Church of Santa Maria del Rey, contemplate the walls of Atienza, the Plaza de España del Trigo and its beautiful streets.