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Rural getaway with your pet: a special experience

Organizing a rural getaway with your pet can create a special and unforgettable experience, it is the perfect combination to disconnect, relax and live a rural experience with your faithful companion. Nowadays there are several options to get away with our pets, there are more and more proposals that allow us to travel and get away without having to leave our dog at home. An exceptional option is to rent a complete rural house where you can enjoy the company of your pet during your stay.

Tips for a rural getaway with your pet

For a rural getaway with your pet we recommend:

1. Research and choose a rural destination that is pet friendly.

2. Check the guesthouse or lodge’s policies regarding pets, such as whether there are restrictions on the size or number of animals permitted.

3. Pack a suitcase for your pet with its food, toys, bedding and care items.

4. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s documentation, including its health card and any other necessary documents.

5. Before leaving, make sure your pet is up to date with its vaccinations and parasite treatments.

6. During your getaway, keep your pet on a leash in public areas and respect local regulations regarding animal control.

7. Explore the surroundings with your pet, taking advantage of trails and natural areas to walk and enjoy together.

8. Pay attention to your pet’s safety in the rural environment, such as preventing it from approaching wild animals or consuming toxic plants.

9. Maintain a clean and orderly environment in the lodging, picking up your pet’s waste and respecting the rules of coexistence.

10. Enjoy every moment with your pet, creating unforgettable memories in this special rural getaway.

Benefits of renting a cottage with your pet

Renting a complete rural house to enjoy a rural getaway with your pet can be a success, among the main benefits we can mention:

Increased comfort

By renting a pet-friendly cottage, your pet will feel more comfortable and relaxed in a familiar and peaceful environment.

Room to move

In a full rental cottage your pet will have more space to move around and explore compared to a hotel or smaller accommodation.

Reduced stress

Leaving our pet in a daycare or with someone else while on vacation can be stressful and overwhelming, by renting a pet friendly cottage, you can save yourself this bad time and enjoy your getaway with your dog.


You have free time for you and your pet, without restrictions and complications.


A full rental cottage allows you to enjoy a private space for you and your pet, avoiding uncomfortable interactions with other guests or owners.

woman enjoying with her pet

Tips to enjoy in a rural house with your dog

It is time to travel and start enjoying your getaway to a rural house with your pet. What can I do? the first thing we recommend is to read the house rules, avoid misunderstandings and make sure your pet knows where it can and cannot play.

  • Check the whole house with your dog and establish a bond of trust with him.
  • Visit places where dogs are allowed.
  • Enjoy nature and nearby trails with your pet.
  • Please don’t leave your dog alone, it is understandable that there are activities you want to do without your pet, but don’t leave your dog home alone for too long.
  • Remember to bring everything you need for your dog, toys, waste bags, toys, food and water, especially when going for a walk outdoors.

Gîte Chocolat: a magical place for a rural getaway with your pet

If you are planning to travel to Sigüenza or surroundings with your pet we want to invite you to enjoy a few magical and special days in our 4 star guesthouseHere pets are welcome, you can visit the Cathedral of Sigüenza (only on the outside), stroll through the Casa del Doncel and climb up to the Castle of Sigüenza, then you can visit the fountain of the four pipes and the park of the Alameda. There are also different restaurants where dogs are welcome and several routes such as the Barranco Rio Dulce that you can do with your pet.

Get ready to enjoy a sweet and salty rural getaway with your pet! book here




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